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juli 21, 2023
juli 22, 2023

To reduce the time wanted to write down and organise a paper, I recommend writing a speedy prototype first. For first time authors especially, it is important to attempt to put in writing professionally, and in one’s own voice. The ratio between results and energy in one’s paper must be at a local maximum. Twin to the art of writing a paper well, is the artwork of reading a paper well. On using implicit mathematical notational conventions to offer contextual clues when reading. Writing a paper – Use the introduction to “sell” the key factors of your paper; the outcomes needs to be described precisely. If some of these solutions seem too unsuitable to your particular paper, use common sense. One also needs to make investments some effort in each organising and motivating the paper, and specifically in deciding on good notation and giving acceptable amounts of element. One ought to make the most of the English language, and never simply rely purely on mathematical symbols.

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